Steps to Peace with God

Steps to Peace with God


Do This In Remembrance Of Me - 08/05/18

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Summer Series - Romans - From Guilt to Glory!

Lesson 1 - Greetings from Rome.

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Lesson 2 - Paul's Prayer Report.

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Lesson 3 - Paul's Purpose to Preach

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Lesson 4 - Good News - Part 1

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Mother's Day - 2018

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Winter/Spring 2018 Series - Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Lessons 1- 20 have been moved to the Archives.



Sunday School

Jesus' Blueprint for Prayer.

Lesson 1 - Our Father: His Paternity and Person

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Lesson 2 - God's Program

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Lesson 3 - God's Provision

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Lesson 4 - God's Pardon

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Lesson 5 - God's Protection

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2016 - Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz

Answers to Bible Quiz (requires  Power Point or a Power Point Viewer)


Wednesday Bible Study


Lesson 1 - Burning the Plow (Text)      Slides

Lesson 2 - No Crops and No Hair (Text)      Slides

Lesson 3 - Rebellion of the Moabites (Text)      Slides

Lesson 4 - Thus Saith the Lord (Text)      Slides

Lesson 5 - The Victory Over Moab (Text)      Slides     

Lesson 6 - Widow Discovers Oil (Text)      Slides

Lesson 7 - The Shunammite Receives a Son      Slides

Lesson 8 - The Shunammite's Son Resurrected      Slides

Lesson 9 - Death in the Pot      Slides

Lesson 10 - The Miracle of Bread      Slides

Lesson 11 - The Healing of Naaman (Text)      Slides

Lesson 12 - Ths Sin of Coveteousness  (Text)      Slides

Lesson 13 - The Missing Axe-head      Slides



Beware of False Teaching



The Lord's Supper 

Communion Service - Audio



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